Why Choose Us?

You can send one or many people messages without saving a contact using a Direct Message app. This app is especially useful if you don't want to reveal your identity to an unknown contact if your privacy settings are set to My Contacts.

Not Require Save Contact

When users want to message or start a chat just once, they can directly contact an unknown number without saving.

Direct Chat 

You can chat directly using the Direct Message application. completely free, our greatest part is that it is fully safe & secure.

Don't Need Registration

Our app is very easy to use, and you can get your work done in just a few steps. No sign-up is required to use this app.


Download App

Open your Play Store and Search “Direct Msg & Save Status/Reels” app and install them. 


How to Use a Direct Msg App?

Through the direct message app, you can chat directly with people whose numbers are not saved in your contact list, and you want to chat directly with them without saving their numbers.

Direct Send

Open the direct message app on your mobile phone and select > Direct Send > Add here the unknown number you want to send message to.

Type your message what you want in message box. then click the green button "Send to Whatsapp", send your message. Then start a chat with the number you entered. 


Send To Many

Open the direct message app on your mobile phone and select > Direct Send >

Type the message you want in the message box, or select the media what you want to send. Then click on the green button "Send to Whatsapp", select the contact to whom you want to send your message on Whatsapp, and send it.