Download Your Facebook/Instagram Videos for Free

Direct Msg & Save Status/Reels is the best and free app for downloading Facebook videos and Instagram reels. It is very easy to use, this app can be easily used by any child, old or young.

Instagram Reels

Direct message and save status app can easily download Instagram reels in high quality. without any payment.

Facebook Video

Direct Message is the best app to download Facebook videos. It’s very easy to download, save, and post video.


Download App

Open your Play Store and Search “Direct Msg” app. Choose our app and then install it.


How to Download Instagram/Facebook Reels?

Instagram and Facebook video downloads way are very simple and fast. Direct Message app is the best application for download videos and send WhatsApp direct messages.

Facebook Reels Download

Open our app Direct Msg & Save Status/Reels and select > “Facebook Reels Download”

Now, copy your Facebook Video/Reel link and P aste copy link in enter video link box.

Click > Download you can see all the downloaded videos. 

View your downloaded video in History.


Instagram Reels Download

Open our app and select > “Instagram Reels Download”

Now, Copy your Instagram reel link and paste your copy link in enter video link box

Click > Download

View all the downloaded videos in History.